How to Tell if You Genuinely Like Someone

Frequently a person can mix the idea of being with someone and real liking of someone. Realizing and figuring out your true feelings for something demand honesty with yourself, but it should take place for finding a great partner.

Watch the Signs of Crush

Determine how you feel after the ending of you date.
 Happiness is the best sing of the high rate of the date success. Natural flow of the conversation, a lot of laughing and funny spending of your time, these are clear signs that show how much you like a person.

  • Feeling uncomfortable, absence of “butterflies in your stomach” give a sign of no connection between you two.
  • Save your time. If you don’t feel like continue the communication after a bad date – stop it straightway.

Figure out your attitude to their calls and messages.

If you can’t help yourself but grab your phone at once they call or text you, it’s a good sign that you’re really into them. It doesn’t matter for you the business of your schedule – you’ll always find the time to call or text them.

  • If you have no desire to look for a spare minute just to talk with them – probably you desire to communicate with this person just as friends.

Recognize how you react on things that remind you of them. Subconsciously you look for thing that make you think of them. It is a bright sign of your crush. If your friends and family know all the funny and interesting facts about them – alarm-alarm, you genuinely like them.

  • If you don’t think about this person, maybe you need them just when you feel lonely?

Spending time with other people can show you how much you miss them.
Surround you with other people which are close to you. If you find yourself wishing that they were there, or wanting to text to tell about their day, it’s a nice sign of sincerity of your feelings.

  • In a case if there is no missing about them through the whole day it’s high time to ask yourself why. Are you so busy to think about them, or just don’t really need them to be near you all the time? Respect your feelings and be sure about your honesty.

Pay attention if they are those who you prefer to notify about bad or good news. True relationships must include desire to share both good and bad things. We wish nothing bad happens in your life, but in this case notice who you inform first. Your trust and respect perform in such things.

  • It’s okay to reach out your parents or best friend first, but at least they should be in the list of the first people who you contact when something happens in your life.

Examining Your Compatibility

Figure out how much things in common you have. Values, interests, and desires should go together. It is better to like similar things, have common point of view and personal interest for many reasons. Ask your date about their life believing, hobbies, and plans, so that will help you build a whole picture of the person in your head and reduce potential problems.

  • Be curious and ask some questions: “What do you value most in relationships?” or, “What’s something that you will never do towards your friends?”
  • If you’re kind of straightforward person you can wonder about their attitude to the relationships and their expectations.
  • Also, it’s nice to ask about little things. If you want to continue communication with your date, you can ask such questions as: “What do you like to do on the weekends?” or, “Would you rather go for a walk or ride a bicycle” to see if your general interests align.

Simple touching a hand can gauge your physical attraction.
 It’s difficult to be in a relationship with someone if you aren’t physically attracted to someone. To be honest it’s impossible, as people attract with their hearts, but also appearance. Desire to touch a hand or face of a person shows that you have are comfortable to be with them. In opposite, if you don’t want and even have no thoughts like this mean your inclination to be friends.

  • If you touch them and they seem uncomfortable, it’s a good sign that they aren’t ready for a relationship, so it is better do not insist.
  • Listen yourself, trust your gut feeling and intuition when it comes to physical aspect. The same thing with your feeling from touching them – if it isn’t pleasant for you, being friends the most suitable option.

Think about whether you are interested in their opinion. Attractiveness it is not such a rare case, but finding someone whose opinion matters something for you means a lot.

Think about traits of the character that you liked firstly, if it their sense of humor or intelligence – probably this person matches you more than others.

  • Combination of physical attractiveness and good personality have a big role.
  • If the only thing you can think about is their body, you might just be having feelings of lust, which will fade anyway after a while.

Researching Deeper Feelings

Have a talk with someone you trust about your feelings.  Spend some time discussing what is going on with your good friend or family member. Third opinion may open you amorous eyes on the current situation. Be sincere and tell what you feel, when you are near this person, what you are thinking about and ask what they do think. 

  • Pick a friend who is unacquainted with the other person, to avoid any confusing situation or secret-keeping.
  • Be ready for any answer, whether it is positive or negative, as truth it is always better.

Look inside your conscious and ask yourself if you’re afraid of being alone.
 Many people are terrified from the idea of being alone, even for short period of time. Distinguish what is for you are looking for relationships – to accompany you or you are really ready for sharing your and someone’s life?

  • The best way to figure out if you like someone, it is to be without him or her for some time, how genuine your feelings are.

It is good to know how to tell if you’re jealous.
This maths is simple –if you feel uncomfortable when they hang out with someone else, you feel something more than interest or friendship for this person.

  • Measure way of jealousy. Controlling your partner can push off him or her. Try not to get too upset about the person you like being around other people because they’re probably thinking of you!