How to Stop Waiting for Prince Charming

Every woman dream about perfect man from Far Far Lands, who owns a title of prince or even more. This ideal comes from our subconsciousness and woman tends to follow this dream. But perfectness is unreal and chasing someone who doesn’t even exist can prevent you from finding a true love and life happiness.

Look at Your Priorities From Another Point of View

What is your understanding of “Prince Charming” collocation? Focusing on ideal man takes a lot of time, but what exactly are you expecting from this man from a “fairytale”? Compare it to a fictional character – maybe you just fell in love with the guy from the blue screen. Well, it is high time to stop watching or reading about him.

Expectations have a tendency do not go real. It is pretty common story when women deceived themselves just with their expectations. However, beware too detailed planning of your future and think – whether your expectations ever went real anywhere else except those films. Be open-minded to any type of car he drives, for instance, sticking to a special one dream automobile holds you back from finding someone.

Mind your principles. It is okay to be steady about some crushable traits of character, as you know what is convenient or not for you to be with. But preferences about specific color of eyes or style of dressing shouldn’t be the things are not open to change your mind. Reflect on importance of height or weight in your partner, it can be a way for finding your Prince Charming.


Work on your confidence. It is a big mistake to hide your personality behind fantasies and shyness, it happens when person just do not value himself or herself as confident one. Spend more time on self-confidence and draw near your Prince Charming from reality. If you don’t know where to get the proper info about yourself – ask your relatives or friends, their opinion really can help you. Do something you are good at, being professional in something raises confidence of anyone.

Look for new hobbies. Make some changes. Modern world uses such a word as “procrastination”, therefore, stop procrastinating on your Prince Charming, spending your time and energy waiting for a dream. Contribute these resources in self-development. New hobbies worth it, as it is an opportunity to meet people who are as interested as you are. 
Get out of your comfort zone.
 Find a way to try yourself everyday with the skills that your new hobbies require, as it is really important. Challenging yourself changes your ordinary set of mind – you stop thinking about Prince Charming and draw yourself to a potential meeting of someone good for you.

It can be anything – the way you dress, color of your clothes, changing your usual route to work or school. Have you heard of blind date ? They say it is the best way to get out of your comfort zone of dating though. Online dating also helps to make some changes into your daily schedule.

Be Independent of Your Future Man. There is more life than you think outside relationships. Make your plans for future for yourself, but not for you two. In this case life will set up everything as it should be. There is the only one truth:  you cannot plan everything. Put your ambitious in more useful stream, that what will attract your future Prince Charming.

Meeting New People

Put your confidence in seeking of your man. You should not sit and wait for a man, even in process of getting an acquaintance. If you see someone who seems to be interested for you – start conversation! Ask questions, try something like “What is the weather today, how do you find it?”, “Wow! I really like your sweater! Where did you buy it?”

Throw away your list of requirements. Nobody can ever meet them all, so expecting this you may ruin potentially interesting date.

Watch your chemistry. What is up in the air between you two, when you are on a date?

Do you feel excited to talk to him and ask some questions? Are you interested in hearing the information? Do you care about prolonging your time together? These questions are much more important than figuring out whether or not they are just like your Prince Charming.

Give him a chance. Rejecting at once a guy who doesn’t fit your list makes impossible to feel earlier unknown emotions. You never know whether you reject a great potential as for your partner, so the best choice is to go out with him and see what can happen. Sure, it doesn’t mean to meet with anyone who asks, if you really do not like the person, don’t spend your time.