How to Get Someone to Stop Sexting You

Close, intimate relationship lets to practice such a thing like sex texting or “sexting”. It is a way of dirty communication with sending erotic, naughty messages and pictures from the furthest parts of the world, whatever where you are. It happens when sexting is unwanted, even from a person you date with. How to behave if you you’re involved with gets a little too carried away with sexting for your taste? Or if this person is you boss, friend or just a stranger?

Looking for Help if You’re a Minor

Do not provoke with sending or receiving messages. Visit the Mobile Media Guard and read the information that applies the sexting laws and regulations in your state. In such a case, you will know what you are allowed to do and what not. If you send or receive sexts, you can be charged with child pornography.

  • Avoid sharing received sexts with anyone. Doing this can help you don’t be put in troubles.
  • Share the information about unwanted sexting with an adult. You will not jeopardize yourself with going to jail for receiving sexts, but you should be aware that this is very serious.

Think carefully before sending a message. If you send a message you will not be able to control it anymore. Maybe another person will share it with someone else or save the message for good. Your text messages, social media activity, and online activity are not private – you should remember it.

  • Before you send the message, ask yourself, “How it will impact my life if anyone see it?”
  • If you do not want your parents, friends, family, future employer, or college admissions officer to see the message, you probably do not want to send it.
  • Despite on close relationships with a person ignore their requests if you don’t want to be involved in sexting.

Once you get an inappropriate message – delete it. If you receive a nude or semi-nude picture of another person, delete the message. It may be police investigation and in this case the police may contact can contact your cell phone provider and pull the records. The records will show that you deleted the message as soon as you received it.

  • Deleting the picture immediately can save your safety out of illegal trouble.
  • If you show your teacher or parent the picture, both of you could be charged with child pornography. You can always tell an adult that you received a picture and that you deleted it.

Contact a trustworthy adult.
 If someone is sexting you or insisting on you to send pictures or messages, notify a parent, police officer, or another trusted adult. Even if the person is an adult or teacher, too – report it. Get an adult involved as soon as possible.

  • The law may require that you reported to the authorities. This will show your intention to improve the current situation and get some help.
  • There are such online services as Lifeline Crisis Chat and Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868. You can contact the last one if you are 20 years old or youger. Both services will provide you necessary help.

Blocking Their Messages

Block the contact on your Android phone. The Android device has many different ways for blocking a person. Use the Android messaging app, a third-party app, or it you can contact your phone carrier.

  • Tap and hold the text message from the person you want to block. Your phone will propose two options: “delete the message” or “add to spam.” Choose “add to spam” to stop receiving messages.
  • The Google Play Store has blocking apps, so you can download them.
  • If none of those options work for you, you can call or go to your phone carrier’s website to add numbers to your block list.

Block the contact on your iPhone.
 Every iPhone has a built-in block feature. Follow the instruction – go to contacts menu and choose the unwanted person in this list, click “Edit.” Your last action is “Block this Caller.” Simply choose that option to stop the person from calling, or stalking you by sexting.

  • It may be that you don’t have the person among your contacts. Find “details” in the top right corner of your phone, Press the button and then tap the “i” icon, on the bottom of the page press “Block this Caller.”
  • iPhone, iPad, or iPhone touch require the same actions.

Block text messages on other phones. Contacting phone carrier’s website can help to block phone numbers. Let the carrier know that you need to add some numbers to the blacklist. On the carrier’s website, go to your “my account or my preferences” page to find the options for blocking numbers.

Block the person on social net. Most of all popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram has an option for blocking another user. This is very useful as some sticky people may still keep on trying to reach you on social media even if after being blocked on phone. It is possible to find the information about blocking in the privacy settings, so the person can find out that you have blocked them.

  • Blocking the person, you will help both you and the other person. There will not be a temptation to respond to any of them and no chance to see new messages.
  • It is up to you if you want to let the person know that you are blocking them.

Confronting the Person

Understand the intention of the person. There are variety of reasons for sexting someone. Harassment, blackmailing or victimizing someone. Also, it can be a situation when you agreed on nice sexting with your partner, but as time goes the person changed his attitude and posted your text or photo for humiliation you. Before to do something find out whether the person did it on purpose or someone could hack him.

Think about the reason of being upset from the sexting. It really depends who the sender of these messages is: friend, acquaintance or lover. Your feelings are valid. You may enjoy or dislike receiving the messages, or you may be unsure about them.

  • If you discourage receiving of such messages at all tell the person to stop it.
  • Your preference is more discreet way of texting without vulgar moments. So let the person know for them to be more sweet.

Try to ask the person to stop sexting you. The first step to getting someone to stop send you such kind of photos or text is to simply request they stop contacting you this way. They may just don’t understand that this is offending for you , so commonly the outcome of this is apologizes. Sure, it is a tricky moment of the request’s form depends on whom you’re trying to ask.

  • Talk to someone who you can trust to help you handle the situation. This may be a friend, family member, teacher, or school counselor.
  • You can plan in advance what you are going to say writing it or practicing it in front of the mirror.

Decide how to talk to a romantic partner. Misunderstanding may lead your partner to such a way of heating up your relationships. It can be the way of impressing you by your new date. The reason is simple – they don’t know you well and just trying to add something interesting in your communication.

  • Tell the person, “Sorry, but I’m not a person of sexting,” or “Sexting makes me really uncomfortable. Can we make up something better than this?”
  • You can occupate a position of discouraging this kind of replacement usual talking.

Seek help if you are at work.
 A co-worker or boss may start send you gross messages. A friendly gesture in the lunchroom or a comment you made misled one of your co-workers and now they’ve taken the liberty of sexting you. There are multiple ways to handle this, as we mentioned above.

  • Tell the person that they misinterpreted your behavior and ask to stop them.
  • You can also go the human resources department at your job and report about sexual harassment.

Handle a sext from a stranger. Were you sexted by unknown number? Did a stranger send you something online? In such a case, just block the unknown number or the sender.

  • It is better don’t respond to a stranger. Do not ask who it is or how the person got your contact information, it will provoke them.
  • Sometimes a person you dislike has your number. Just block them because they are probably sexting you to piss you out.

Determine how to talk to a friend.
 Your friend decided to make some fun thinking it is not a big deal. Simply respond to your friend the next time it happens with light attitude.

  • Say a joke about your mom scrolling your messages and her being disappointed with these messages from the best friend of her son/daughter.
  • Blocking your friend is the last action, so try to be more insisting and make them to stop by talking to them.

Do not encourage the other person’s sexting.
 Avoid saying sexy words or sending provoking photos, that is how you can protect yourself. If you did some of these things explain that you didn’t want it to become a regular case or to become more serious than you originally intended.

  • Even if you have sexted with the person in the past, you always can to change your mind and stop sexting. It is okay if you no longer want to participate.
  • Don’t be shy if you don’t want to communicate with the person in such a way. Being forthright is best option.

Contacting an Authority Figure

Find a parent or trusted adult to talk. If you cannot handle the situation on your own, a parent or a trusted adult is always a good option. Your parent can help you decide what to do next and consult you in this situation.

  • For sure you may feel embarrassed talking to your parents, but remember that they love you and want the best for you.
  • Be honest and do not hide anything describing the current situation.

Get law enforcement involved.
 If the behavior does not change and the person pursues you other ways (such as stalking, threatening or harassing), contact your local law enforcement for getting help. Some people who have been asked to stop sexting will stop. However, if the other person continues to pursue you authorities will help you.

  • Always share the full information when you talk to law enforcement. Even if you were sending photos and messages, too.