How to Be the Guy Every Girl Wants

“What do women desire” it seems like men asking this questions themselves from the beginning of this world. The truth is that every single woman has different and variable criteria for choosing a future partner, so coming up with a universal reply can be puzzling and confusing. Despite on whether or not you have the beautiful face or the good height, there are certain things women want all over the globe: they are traits of character of a person. By showing a pleasant personality, avoiding negative words, and treating women properly, any man can be very this kind of guy every girl wants.

Promoting a Pleasant Personality

Be confident. The happy life, freedom from nervousness and lesser stress levels with greater self worth are the best advantages of being confident person. People who are near confident people feel it: their communication with you will be more easy-going, comfortable, and enjoyable, and it is a key to bigger trust and respect of you. Some thing are eternal, if it’s between confident and anxious person, most women would prefer to be with a guy who’s confident.

  • Good posture can show your confidence -stand up straight with a little smile, remember about eye contact, take more space, and be open with your stance (forget about crossed arms or legs).
  • Keep in your mind what gives you confidence. You have variety of skills and talents; you can make a list of these things and glimpse at them from time to time just for remembering.
  • If it happens that you feel negative about yourself, give yourself a small talk. “Hey, man. You have a pleasant smile, she likes your jokes, and you just got the best job for the whole your life, she can`t stop looking at you, be calm. You have a lot of things, which women like!”

Be adventurous. Girls prefer men who can tell them something interesting about experienced things on their own, and, believe me, majority of girls would enjoy to experience all those things with you. Firstly trying lots of things, learning some new skills and information will enrich yourself as a person. It can be new cuisine, kind of sports, home-making, IT stuff,  or even sewing!

  • It is not really matter that some hobbies are male or female one. Prejudices created this viral opinion, history set some gender things in our mindsets, but still in modern world it is okay as for boy as for girl to be fond of whatever he attracted with.

Improve your sense of humor. Everyone likes to be near a person that can makes them laugh: laughter does a good job for your body, as reducing stress and improving blood pressure. Laughter makes us feel good, that is the most important! Learn some jokes, improve your skills of fun, and you will see another attitude from women`s side.

  • Big and small failures aren`t reason to lose inspiration, it just another opportunity to become better. Sense of pride is important, but don`t be too stick to it and you’ll be able to enjoy your life a lot more.
  • Remember about suitable using of mean-hearted jokes. It is better not be risky and avoid using of them, for not hurting anyone’s feeling. There are lots of jokes that you can make that have nothing to do with other people and won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

Be generous. It concerns money, time, ideas, and thoughts. Take the time to be a shoulder of support when someone needs you. That is what can help you to attract people and make them want to be around you.

  • Express your desire to help with shopping or carrying heavy bags.
  • Help your friends and classmates on subjects they cannot deal with.
  • Volunteer your time and energy to visiting people in assisted living homes or helping with walking dogs at your local animal shelter.
  • Be proactive!

Be honest, ethical, and authentic.
 Be yourself, with no pretending that you are some another “type” of men, when you are not. Avoid building relationships on a lie, you will never attract a girl being deceitful, even in your manner of behavior.

Live your life, not someone`s else, it can help you to conduct your relationships in genuine and honest ways, which is unique one.

  • If you are not fond of something, don’t pretend about the opposite, even if the girl you’re interested in feels calm. NAjority of people will not take it close to heart, if your interests are not mutual or common.

Avoiding Negative Words

No sexism.
 Women find it offending when men look down on women or behave in superior way. It is counted as for the woman you date with whether with women you’ve been dating, or in general about women. No one, who respect himself/herself is going to spend time with someone who treats them disrespectfully and unkindly, especially concerning their gender.

  • For starters, don’t make rude comments about their looks, behavior or unnecessary jokes abot their role and place in society.
  • Seriously, women are really just people. Would you like to be treated like a minor personality? I really doubt it.
  • Ask any woman around you–sister, mother, friend, or even coworkers–what kinds of behavior they would find offensive and try to avoid doing these things.

Don’t be gross. Women don’t want to date a guy who doesn`t know what a soap is and how to use it. Hygiene matters, that is life rule. Sorry for details, but don’t pick your nose, spit, scratch your butt, or clip your nails in public. It is disgusting, and it is high time to pretend, if you do it being alone, stop doing it in public.

Don’t be a flirt. Some men mix understanfing of being a ladies’ man. It doesn’t mean flirting with all the women they’re around, especially in presence of their date, or bragging about previous girls they’ve dated. Believe, they are not interested in this kind of information. Charm your date with your whole attention, with no paying a look to anyone else.

  • At the very least you need to not engage in this sort of behavior in your date’s presence, but the best option is forget about doing it at all.
  • Don`t be risky with the cat-call a woman (that is, whistle or make inappropriate sexual comments to women on the street). Modern society (as a past one) will interpret it as a form of sexual harassment, not as a compliment.

Avoid unnecessary arguments with her. Date it is not debate class, so the art of leading pleasant conversation should live long. Arguing is stressful and unpleasant thing, try not to create impression that you judge your date. Wait until your relationship has become more established before getting into philosophical debates and instead let things go and switch topics if things become too heated.

  • You can brainstorm a number of interesting topics for discussing. Ask where she grew up, or what kinds of hobbies she likes, rise up for discussion your last vacation destinations, and another sorts of thing.
  • Telling a woman what to do, how to do, or why to do something, will push her away on certain. Don’t ignore her own life experiences, she can share a lot of unexpected things with you. Insisting on your own opinion can be estimated as unattractive and disrespectful behavior.

Don’t be overly cheap. It is wide-known fact, that women don’t like greedy men. Logically, that nobody expects you to spend overwhelming amount of sum, but if you take a girl on a first date to your favorite fast food joint (hope nothing like this comes to your mind) or ask her to pay half at a very expensive restaurant that you proposed, she may think less of you for that. You should remember about it: a date is a great chance to show your best sides, good taste of choice, and show that she’s special to you:: if you act cheap and greedy, you’re radiate a thought that you don’t value her or your potential relationship with her. No one wants to be in relationships with Scrooge McDuck.

  • Forget about mentioning such words as “saving” and “economy” for the first few dates.
  • Plan your dates smartly. It is up to you to pick restaurants that you know have a menu in an average price by looking them up online first or choosing when to eat: lunch time can be better than dinner. In general, picnic can be even better idea than pompous restaurant date. Try to take her out to your favorite local destination for sightseeing instead of eating.

Be good to everyone around you. Whenever you are : at work, on a date, or at university, be careful that you can treat everyone around you with a minimum level of respect. Avoid picking fights, screaming, insulting people, act egotistical, and in general avoid an antagonistic attitude. Women can watch how you treat other people around you, as it says a lot about you. Matters even how you treat not just them, but surrounding you people.

  • Matters how you treat people serving you, waiters or salespeople.
  • If are in a situation when something goes wrong and you are nervous, take a few deep and slow breaths before speaking in an even, calm voice. Politely say “Can you call a manager, I’d like to speak to him or her.” When they come, without wrong emotions and phrases, explain the certain problem and why you are so upset before asking them to fix the problem.

Don’t be needy.
 Sometimes everyone can get down in debts and needs, you should avoid being too insecure and dependent. Generally, at the beginning of a relationship, you wish to show that you’ve got things together and you’re not a hot mess just waiting to fall apart on her.

  • Stop talking about your previous relationships that didn’t work out or show some fears of failure on the first dates. Until you have gotten to know each other better, ley’s say after several months of steady dating, this is often considered oversharing.
  • If you have overwhelming or steady feelings of anxiety or sadness about some life affairs, friendships, or current or past relationships during the long period of time, try to seek counseling from a psychologist or therapist to help you work out with your problems.

Treating Women Right

Compliment her.
 Everybody likes to hear good words about their looks and appearance, and to hear why someone finds them attractive. It’s a good way to boost her self esteem and make her feel special. Be sure that your compliments are original–instead of saying “I think you’re cool,” which on certain she has heard before, try saying “I like your sculls, I think they’re cute,” or “I love the smell of your perfume, it suits you so good.”

  • Compliments not only her outer qualities, but inner ones. This compliments not just her appearance but also her taste of clothing. Women wish to be estimated for their minds as well their bodies.
  • Avoid comments about sexuality, as you are not so close still. Wait until the second or third date at least to compliment in such a way. Many women may feel uncomfortable hearing about their sexual nature too much, and it’s better to air on the side of caution than risk offending her.

Show her you care.
 Women appreciate care from men’s side, so show it her. Giving gives or giving your time: all these matter. Kisses, hugs, hand holding, and that sort of thing can show the appropriate attitude even more. The main point of dating someone is being nice with them and feeling close to them; if you’re too distant, and your head is always in clouds – she will feel it and I will bring nothing good.

  • Make gifts from very your heart, with no expenses. Many girls really like candy and flowers, some pieces of home-made handicraft, like a picture, a written poem, a song, can present her happiness. It’s not about the high price tag on the gift but the thought that a man spend his time on thinking or preparing a gift.

Share your feelings and talk regularly. No one is able to read your mind and see your emotions in your eyes, that’s why you should use words for better expression your feelings.

Remember: when several first dates are behind your back – the girl is going to start wondering about your thoughts and feelings. Tell her how your day was, you may share the things that trouble you, what made you happy, etc. Talk about the things that matter to you, she can listen to you really attentively and maybe give you some advice.

  • It is personally point how much communication is too much or too little, especially since each person’s or couple’s life circumstances are absolutely different and unique. If one of you is businessman and is involved for an half of the day, then logically you have not so much time to talk. Discuss with her to understand is your opinions about the right amount are similar: as long as you two are happy.

Listen to her. Relationships impossible to exist without good, healthy communication, and women want a man to listen to her. Listening to someone is a sign of your respect them as a person, showing that her or him thoughts mean something to you. If you don’t want to listen to the person you’re with, probably the person is wrong chosen by you. Good listening practice goes through the whole your life.

  • Keep eye contact, no “wall observing” when she’s speaking.
  • Be yourself; relax your mind, but not concentration. Keep your attention for your mind wouldn’t begin to wander.
  • Be open-minded, avoid any judgement.
  • Don’t interrupt her words. It is better to wait until she’s finished, and then you begin to speak. The speech pattern and tone of voice can show you the moment you can start to speak.
  • Ask her questions when she makes pauses. Sometimes (or, to be honest, most of all) a person need to air up some thoughts, so it is better to give advice if it seems like she wants it.
  • It is a challenge for men, but still, work on your empathy. If she needs encourage – share it with her, if she wants you to be silent.. well it is easy to see, too. Just watch what she is telling you. Basically, try to be supportive, even if you don’t have any advice to give.
  • Nonverbal signs matter, whether their your or hers. The person’s body and facial expression can say a lot.

Respect her boundaries. Happens that the girl you like show you no desire to do something, like discussion some topics or it cab be having sex. Respect her desires, if she says no and don’t try to force her to do something that she isn’t ready to, whether it is about conversation or some acts. This builds trust between you and her, there is possibility that with some time she will open you absolutely and will be able to share the most discreet things.

  • Show her that you are the only one man she can rely one just saying this: “Okay, I understand you feelings. But you should know that I’m here for you, whenever you need me.”

Get involved in her hobbies. Mostly people need someone for relationship to share with them some common hobbies. Especially if you don’t have any interests that already overlap, you should try to get to know what she likes to do and get involved too. This could be anything from listening to one kind of music to genres of books that you both like.

Don’t presume that you know what she likes on certain, building this on some women you know, or maybe on your previous experience. It is always better to ask her what kinds of things she enjoys, and pay attention when you have conversations or are hanging out. Likely she will mention things in conversations that she does, like dancing or watching comedies.