Dating site vs Social Media: What we know about dating sites?

Probably, for today, the question “What is a dating site?” is one of the most urgent. And why? Because now you hear more and more about dating on the Internet.

Nowadays it is difficult to find a person who would never have visited various Internet portals, dating sites or social networks. Internet became a part of our everyday life and as a result, we started to use social networks to be and feel connected. The situation tremendously has changed, as if five years ago virtual communication was criticized by the older generation, now even elderly people try to keep pace with the times. Today it won’t be a surprise if you meet people in the older age group who are using the various sites that provide the opportunity to make new acquaintances, sometimes the intention is to find old friends and sometimes to look for the second half.

Even if the Internet is a very popular thing among people of different age or nationality, we still tend to say that communication in real life is much healthier and better. But frankly speaking, Most of us had difficulties and faced various obstacles that made us feel uncomfortable or not completely secure about making acquaintances in the real life. Sometimes it is very difficult to find the courage and right words to start the communication with a girl or boy you have noticed in the cafe or somewhere else on the street. All of us had these awkward situations when we wanted to create an impression on the person we like but simply couldn’t find the right way to express our thoughts. And when we suffer a defeat in our attempts it is harder and harder for us to meet new people in real life.