Dating site or Social Media: How things have changed in last years?

That is why people seek help in using the Internet. No matter if we use emails, different messaging programmes or social networks, we have the opportunity to think about our words. No one is rushing you and even if you have a tendency to blush or stumble while talking, on the Internet you are a master of your time. You can think carefully about the words you put in the message and now you have all the chances to impress the person you want to become your partner.

It is even hard to imagine that only two or three decades ago, the relations with a partner from a different country could be measured by years of correspondence and thousands of carefully stored postal envelopes with letters written by hand. Those things that were taking months or years are easy of access and take seconds in the 21st century.

We do not have to worry anymore if the post office has read the address of the recipient correctly if the sent it right away. All we do – write a message and look how it is downloading on the screen. That’s it, the work is done, a simple press of the button and you are connected with thousands of new people. 

Isn’t it great? Isn’t it something we were craving for so long? The easier path for finding new friends and soulmates is open. We just have to determine the purpose of our future communication and choose the right instruments for reaching the desired goal. 

Virtual communication has a lot of advantages. But many of us are still hesitating or asking ourselves questions “Is it the right way to meet someone? Can it work for me the way it worked for others?” So as the conclusion many of us do not see the clear difference between a dating site and the social media.

Let’s have a closer look at these questions. It will be useful to consider possible pluses and minuses of both social networks and dating websites. Let’s start with the social network.