Dating site vs Social Media: Disadvantages of the social media

Everything looks perfect, but in spite of all good things, we can get from the networks they still have disadvantages. 

Due to the abundance of an entertaining factor, the presence of superficial and often garbage information, the time spent in a social network is significantly increased. Such spend of time can adversely affect our health. At the same time, a large amount of information often tires our nervous system and overloads our brain.

The dependence on the Internet is a very urgent issue. More and more kids became dependent on internet and social networks. It has a harmful influence even from the scientific side. For example, at the time of checking social networks, the hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for feeling empathy, is more prominent.

The downside would be also that a person loses the skill of real communication. While having correspondence in social networks, people often do not follow the rules of grammar and punctuation, use lean vocabulary, emotions are replaced by icons. 

By examining the social network we have a broader view of how we can be influenced by it. Also, the main factor is that – among all the abstracts we used to describe the positive sides of the social platforms, they all come to spreading fun and entertainment. And it is definitely not the outcome you wish to get while searching a partner and second half. 

To sum up and make the constructive conclusion about disadvantages of the social network, it would be wise to mention the main factor that puts it in the second place after the dating sites – its carelessness. If men try to use even the most popular social networks in their attempts to find a match, in 95% they fail because of the non-seriousness of the ladies on such platforms. It often happens that when a man tries to add the lady to his circle of friends they do not get any response, as ladies have high ambitions and are not interested in any relations. Men often do not get answers from women on the social networks, as in most cases women have already formed the social circle they are constantly communicating with and as a result ladies do not pay attention to new visitors.

It is time to go back to the advantages and disadvantages of the dating websites.