7 Working Online Dating Email Tips

Context and the meaning of the words you put in your email can break the walls or create new boundaries between you and your receiver, as this email take you closer to your future meeting. Try to write it not very long, and, at the same time, avoid abbreviations and short extracts. Add necessary details, but do not overwork with it, as you are not stalker. Add to this “dish” some jokes and a success is unavoidable for you.

In this article are collected the best pieces of advice, that can help you do not stress out about your message, and make this online dating fun and easy.

1. Be Genuine

Whether you talk or chat with a person means a lot your behavior: it should be natural, with no fakeness. Say what you mean (in healthy portions), and try to flatter people if you don’t want to just create some impression. Tell the truth – what attract you in them and caught you attention in the very first time.

2. Ask Questions

It is important to mention that second point is the most necessary in the whole list of tips. ASK QUESTIONS. Be wondering about her, her life, her work, her dog and her plans for tomorrow. During last 30 years, when online dating is in blast, we found out one thing – A “Hi” won’t get you anywhere. It shows lacks of imagination, interesting approach and just shows that you don’t care. Phycologists say: “Pronounce her name and ask some questions – and she won’t be able to stop talking with you”

You could say something as simple as: “Hey Ann, I saw your profile on Instagram –it is awesome. How many time does it take to create such an interesting content?”. Well, after this be ready to listen.

3. Watch Your Grammar

You remember that feeling, when you notice someone’s profile or messages and this stuff is full of grammar and spelling errors. As it is just messaging you cannot check whether the person is lazy or just not really clever.  Do not ruin your chances with a potential date to the side without rereading your work. When you finish your profile and your publications, make some proofreading. You can also ask a close friend to view the contents for you.

4. Send a GIF

Some researches show that people who like to send GIFs in their online dating messages make their response rate up to 30%. Just try it and you will be stick to it.

Studies show people who send GIFs in their online dating messages increase their response rate by 30%. It’s so easy you’d be crazy not to try it. Remember about international jokes and send those ones that she will understand whenever she could be.

5. Mention Something Specific to Them

The example we used earlier about Instagram profile demonstrates in the best way what we mean by mentioning something specific to them. If you don’t bring up something you saw in the person’s profile or photos, it is easy to think that you just copypasted this message not on the first time.

For example, don’t send something like “Hi babe, you seem to be an interesting person! Let’s go for a drink!” Try to go for something not so straightforward. “Want to get a drink sometime? I’d love to get your advice for some issue.” That’s a difference.

6. Add your real photos

As it is online messaging, remember about real photos and videos, for a better impression about yourself for those who see your profile.

Keep updated them every week, and share your best memories, with some pleasant and good moments of your life.